Friday, August 19, 2011

Alayna's Birthday

My little princess turned 6 this year!

She loves being in the kitchen with me, so she really wanted to help bake her cake.

We decided to not do a big party since we had just arrived and she didn't have a ton of friends yet. So we decided to have her best friend Elaina Paige over and go for pedicures

and then have a sleepover.

She picked to have lunch at Popeye's because she loves their Mac'n'Cheese and then chose frozen pizza for dinner. I offered to cook all kinds of things, but that is what she wanted. And the princess gets, what the princess requests.

She had a great birthday and lots of wonderful presents.

But I will say that what I said earlier about sleepovers still holds true......not a lot of sleeping!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello Korea!

Guess what? We actually have left the base a few times! Imagine that?! We have tried Korean food. It's just ok in my opinion, but some people love it.

Every Squadron on base has a Korean Honorary Commander and several Good Neighbors assigned to their squadron. We have been out to dinner a few times with ours.

Koreans like to drink. They like to drink a lot. And they like you to drink with them. Their drink of choice here is called Soju and you drink it as a shot often with a beer chaser. I am NOT a Soju fan and always elect to be the DD on these evenings out so I can avoid drinking without offending them.

Right off base is a little village set up for all the military members to shop and drink and spend money. Here are the kids on one of our visits to the "ville" as they call it here.

Aren't they cute??!!