Friday, September 16, 2011

First Day of School

Another year, another new school! For Alayna this is the 4th school in 4 years! Poor girl!

Both kids were pretty excited for their first days. Calvin started the 2nd grade the end of August

and Alayna started Kindergarten after Labor Day.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Everland is Korea's version of Disney World. It is NOT Disney, or even close, but it is a ton of fun for the kids. We went ahead and bought season passes so we can go whenever we want.

One of the kids favorite things is this Nerf Ball area where they have tons of different 'shooters' where you can shoot out the nerf balls.

But the big story of the day was that Calvin was just tall enough to ride his first real roller coaster! It's called the Rolling X. It has two upside-down loops! Here Calvin will tell you all about it!

As you can see he LOVED it!

And what day at an amusement park is complete without ice cream?

Exercise Exercise Exercise

Since we are in fact in South Korea only about an hour away from North Korea, the military has 'exercises' quite often. They work long hours and spend a lot of time in their Chem gear. It is no fun for them at all. We experienced our first exercise in September shortly after school began. Here is Ryan coming home from day 1.

And the kids were very interested in all his gear and took turns trying it all on!

Since all the military members of the families were going to be working long hours the spouses and children decided to do a kid friendly progressive dinner. It was a ton of fun for all of us.

We all live in 2 towers on base. Here we are treking up the hill from one to the other.

At the last house we put on a movie for the kids while we got to enjoy a quick glass of wine before heading home to get the kids in bed.

It was a school night after all!