Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Question

Today a woman that Ryan works with took me and the kids out and went to a mall that has a really cool kids area. There were LOTS of women there that fully cover (only the eyes showing)and the question I have been waiting for finally came........"Mommy why are those ladies all in Black dressed like a ghost?" Calvin said it as we were walking out of the mall and a bunch of women were walking in. I told him that is just how some people dress in Kuwait, and he replyed that I was wrong and he knew why they were dressed like that, "It's October Mommy, that's why they are dressed like ghosts." Only my Calvin would have come up with that one!

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Anonymous said...

Dawn, you are amazing! The description of your airport disaster was hilarious!! Could have been a movie! Glad you guys are adjusting, sounds like so far so good. can't wait to see pictures, when do the kids start school? Are your neighbors american or kuwati? xoxoxoxo