Thursday, November 4, 2010


One of the fun things Calvin likes to do at the cottage is go 4-wheelin' with Papa in the back 40. Calvin gets to steer and they drive around in the woods, a boys dream really! Well this year we were running out of time to fit this in, but planned for them to go one Saturday afternoon. Well, when it was time for them to go, we were also in the middle of a Thunderstorm Warning! But can anyone tell my Dad what to do? Of course not! He said "We're Going!" So I got Calvin all ready to go and sent him off with some final words of advice:

"One rule Calvin......Don't get Stuck!"

Now I was just teasing him and thought I was being funny, but as it turns out it was not so funny!

Just after they left it started to hail, and we thought they would come right back. But they didn't. And it kept on storming!

A while later they come walking in the door and they are all soaking wet! "What happened?" They got STUCK and couldn't get out so they had to run home in the rain! Oh and that is not the worst of it; while trying to get unstuck they smashed up my Dad's truck as well. They had to have a friend come out and cut down a tree and pull him out!

Here is where they got stuck
From stuck

From stuck
And here is the damage to the truck
From stuck
check out the mud and the scratches down the side
From stuck

That storm was the first of several that dropped a ton of rain in short amounts of time. The lake rose at least 7 inches, higher than anyone can remember it ever being. Our pier was actually under water!
From stuck
And here is what my parents shoreline looked like
From stuck
It was a crazy summer! But man we had fun!

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