Thursday, June 30, 2011

Change of Command

We arrived in Korea on June 27th and Ryan's Change of Command was the very next day. Needless to say after the LONG journey here we were still in the jet lag fog for this major event. And as a result we have exactly ZERO pictures of our family from that day! I can't believe we forgot to get pictures, but Ryan was focused on his speech and meeting all his folks and I was focused on getting the kids through the ceremony without being utterly embarrassed. I did manage to get a picture of the kids before we left our apartment. So this picture is taken on our 12th floor balcony.

The Change of Command went really well and the kids made it through without causing a scene!

For the benefit of the parental units here are some pictures of the event. I know they would have loved to see it in person. Here is the cover of the program.
Many of the LRS Airman standing in formation.
Ryan sitting on the stage with his boss all the way on the left and his predecessor in the middle.
This is their First Sergeant with the Guidon for the Squadron.
The passing of the guidon from the old commander to the new one is the pinnacle of the ceremony. It is the moment when the old commander relinquishes command and the new commander assumes command.

After that Ryan gave a short speech.
And then received his first salute from his squadron.
It was a great day, but unfortunately we were so in the "fog" that we barely experienced it. We were there in body, but not really in mind. Glad there was someone taking these great pictures so that we know it really happened!

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