Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Calvin's First Purchase

Calvin has been asking for a "Ben 10 watch" for ages. Ben 10 is a cartoon on Cartoon Network, which we have only seen once. All the boys at school are in to it, so even though he doesn't watch it he thinks it is the coolest thing.

Anyways, he wanted this toy and it was 4KD (about $15). I told him he would have to earn the money to buy it. It took him about 3 weeks to earn his money, and he was so excited when he finally had enough to go buy it. Now part of the deal was he had to buy this completely on his own so he got to pay for it and everything.

Here he is with the toy and money in hand.
From 2009-06-16

Making the big purchase.
From 2009-06-16

Lucky kid even got change back! It was on sale that day!

I am such a mean Mommy I even made him carry his own purchases.
From 2009-06-16

After we did our shopping we went to the food court for some McD's. There was no waiting till we got home to break out his new "Ben 10 watch" he needed it on immediately.
From 2009-06-16

Alayna had earned some money as well, but not nearly as much. This was what she used her money for....
From 2009-06-16

Let's just say they were missing appendages by dinner time. Real quality products you know!

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