Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alayna at the Stables

Alayna's class had a field trip to the horse stables last week. This came at a very opportune time for Alayna, she has been talking about horses for about a month now. She says "My Daddy is going to get me a horsey for my birthday!" HAHAHA! Poor girl.
I thought that once we got to the stables and she saw how big horses are in real life she might change her mind......ummm NO! My brave girl was one of the only kids going right up to the horse and trying to pet them.
From 2009-05-23

And she did this with every horse we looked at.
From 2009-05-23

She was so happy!
From 2009-05-23

Look at this picture. Do you see her in the background?
From 2009-05-23

The woman from the stables is trying to talk to the children about horses and what they eat and Alayna could care less. She is back there just talking to that horse. He had his head way up so she was saying "Can I please pet you?" and wouldn't you know it, but that horse moved his whole neck up and down! Alayna was so excited. She said "He said Yes Mommy he said Yes!" And the horse did lower his head to allow her to pet him. It was so cool.

After we walked through the stables they had the class all go sit down in a grassy area.
From 2009-05-23

And then the woman brought a horse out to show the kids.
From 2009-05-23

She talked to them about saddling and brushing the horse. The horse was a little restless so she ran him around a bit. What a beautiful animal.
From 2009-05-23

To end it she let each of the kids come up and give him a little pet.
From 2009-05-23

And then the horse sneezed all over Alayna and Miss Suzie!
From 2009-05-23

Alayna loved seeing all the horses, but was very disappointed that she wasn't allowed to ride. Hopefully we will be able to get her a pony ride this summer when we are back in the states. That will have to do for now, cause I don't think Daddy is buying her a horse anytime soon!


Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, Colin, and Sam said...

You can always come to see us & she can take "horsey-back" riding lessons with William & Daniel!!!

momof2in09 said...

That's kewl she wasn't afraid!;-) So when are you all coming thru here for a visit?;-)

Debbie said...

What a neat experience! Other than the not riding part...