Friday, January 1, 2010

Incident Report #2

On Friday,December 18th we had a birthday party at a friends house. It was a circus themed party, for Alayna's friend Scarlett. It was very much a family event and there were lots people there that I knew. One of the fun circus themed things they had to play with were these "body boppers". This is important, but I will get to that in a minute.

All was going well and everyone was having a good time. We had played some games and eaten some pizza, and now it was craft time. Calvin says he wants to do his craft at home and goes over to play with the "body boppers" some more. Now it is important for me to note that in Kuwait most homes have beautiful marble floors. This is important, but I will get to that in a minute.

I was chatting with some other parents while keeping an eye on the kids. Calvin had wandered into one of the living areas with the bopper so I went over and told him he needed to stay on the marble floors and not on the carpeted areas, as those were the living areas, and were full of things to break and people to hurt. I will question this logic in a few minutes.

Next thing I know Calvin is screaming and crying. I turn around and see that his body is in the bopper, parallel to the ground and he is using his hands to hold his upper body off the floor. I immediately think "Great he's knocked out another tooth." I run over and scoop him up comforting him.

After a few seconds I pulled his face away from me to try and see where he is hurt, teeth - all there, tongue - not bleeding, hmmmm

"Calvin you have to tell me what hurts."

Back to holding him while he is still crying very hard. By this time the mother of the birthday girl is standing over us and I pull Calvin away from me again to try and see what is wrong. She says "oh, there's blood". I now pick him up and take him into the kitchen so we can get some paper towel or something to stop the bleeding. Keep in mind, I still don't know where or why he is bleeding. Once I sat down on a chair I pull him away from me again, and finally see that he has split open his chin pretty good. "Yeah, we are going to the hospital today."

Those of you who know me well know that I only looked at it for half a second, and that it was taking all I had to stay conscious. Thankfully I was surrounded by friends who helped me make the phone calls I need to make, drove us to the hospital, and took care of Alayna so she could stay at the party. And another helpful Mom I know who handed Calvin and me some miracle-over-the-counter-no-prescription-necessary-pediatric-homeopathic-dose-look-my-kid-takes-them-all-the-time-calming pill. And they actually worked!

Calvin ended up with 4 stitches, and he was very brave getting them. The good news about being in Kuwait is that we literally were with a Doctor in less than 5 minutes from the time we walked in the building. Here is the little bruiser when we got home that day:
From 2009-12-24
and a few days later:
From 2009-12-24
The stitches came out on Christmas eve. It healed pretty nicely, but he is definitely going to have a scar.

They say these things come in 3's, so I guess 2 down and one to go. Yikes!

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