Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm Addicted!

Ok, so I think I have a problem.......I'm addicted to my maid already! It's kinda like what they say about Meth, it only takes one hit and you are hooked for life! Our maid, Lorna, arrived on Sunday evening and by Monday at noon my house was clean and the kids were loving all the time they were getting to spend with Mommy. I have to say I have had the best few days in a long time with my kids. It's truely amazing how freeing it can be to know that you have NO obligations other than to care for and play with your children. We have been baking cookies, playing games, watching Christmas movies and just having a blast. Even baking cookies with the kids, which would normally stress me out by the way, was really enjoyable! Lorna hung out in the kitchen with us and when one kid needed their hands washed she went and did that while I continued on with the other child. And the best part.....When we were done, we just left the kitchen and went to play something else and magically the kitchen was cleaned!

OMG! All my Mommy friends out there, you can't even imagine what this is like. It's not even like having Dad around, who is kinda your parenting equal, you have someone standing there just waiting for you to tell them to do something! It's CRAZY!!! I don't know how I am going to cope when I have to come back to the real world in a couple years. I will have to check myself into Rehab for detox!! But trust me it is totally worth it.

Merry Christmas to ME!!!!!!

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