Saturday, December 6, 2008

St Nick

St. Nick

Ok, for those of you not from the motherland (Wisconsin), you probably have no earthly idea what St Nick Day is. Here is a little explanation I found on Wikipedia to fill you in:

While feasts of Saint Nicholas are not observed nationally, cities with strong German influences like Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and St. Louis celebrate St. Nick's Day on a scale similar to the German custom.[4] On the previous night, children put one empty shoe (or sock) outside, and, on the following morning of December 6, the children awake to find that St. Nick has filled their previously empty footwear with candy and small presents (if the children have been "good") or coal (if not). For these children, the relationship between St. Nick and Santa Claus is not clearly defined, although St. Nick is usually explained to be a helper of Santa. The tradition of St. Nick's Day is firmly established in the Milwaukee, Cincinnati and St. Louis communities, with parents often continuing to observe the day with even their adult children. Widespread adoption of observing the tradition has spread throughout the German, Polish and Belgian communities throughout Wisconsin, and is carried out through modern times.

Ryan and I both grew up celebrating this tradition. We put out our stockings on December 5th and when you wake up on the 6th it is filled with little treats. Usually candy and some pencils or new hair bows, little things. We have added a new twist with our kids. We have them write their letters to Santa and put them in there for St Nick to take back to the North Pole. Calvin actually wrote his letter entirely himself this year! Along with some very creative spelling! I was smart enough to scan the letters before they got taken to the North Pole. If you click on the pic you will get to see them!

The kids were very excited this morning to find that St Nick had left them some goodies in their stockings. They both got some new Christmas jammies and a new holiday movie. Calvin got a little talking Yoda and Alayna got a Color Wonder coloring book. We had a fun family morning with pancakes for breakfast and all.

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