Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pretty Boring Week

Well this week was kinda boring and uneventful in Kuwait. I think Ryan will be posting later this week; he and the camera were in Jordan all week and I am hoping he will come home with some good pics and stories that he will be willing to share with all of you.

As for what we were doing with out Daddy around, we spent a lot of time in our jammies! We did have 2 little play dates with Alayna's friend from school, Chloe, who lives in our neighboorhood. It was nice to have some adult conversation! Oh yeah, the kids had fun too! Calvin and I are still sick with this cold/possible allergy thing. We both have had this cold on and off for over a month now, so we are trying allergy medicine to see if it is an allergy to all the dust here. I just am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Can Santa bring Calvin and I a cure for the cold??

Stay tuned for Ryan's Jordan trip report!

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