Friday, December 5, 2008

School Holiday Parties

Christmas parties

This week both kids had their school holiday parties. The muslim holiday of Eid starts on Monday the 8th and Christmas of course is fast approaching. The kids last day of school was on the 4th and they don't go back till the 4th of January!

Calvin's party was on Wednesday and they played some fun games including this dancing one that you see here. Then they sat down to some special treats. Alayna loves Calvin's school and a few of the little arab girls in his class love Alayna and her blond hair! So you will see her partying right along with the rest of the class. You also will see pics of me with a couple Mom's Caroline is from Jerusalem and Nena is from Nigeria.

Then on Thursday Alayna had her party at school. They also played some games and got to eat some good food. Her class had made reindeer hats so they also all got red paint on their noses to be little Rudolphs! Very cute! There is a pic of a little girl with a pacifier sitting on a teachers lap, that is Alayna's friend Chloe. She actually lives right in our neighboorhood and we have met them outside of school a couple times as well. (don't forget to click the pic to see lots more)

Now we just have to enjoy/survive a month off of school!!

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