Monday, February 2, 2009

My Pride, My Joy

On the eve of his 5th birthday Calvin reminded me of what I always knew to be true....he has the kindest heart of any little boy you will ever meet.
From pride and joy

He was asking about what a "Gentleman" was....

Calvin - Is he handsome?
Me - No, not always. He is kind and polite.
Calvin - What does he do?
Me - Well.....if there is a little girl at school crying a..
Calvin - Mommy! There is another Liam in Mrs James class and he was sitting on the steps all by himself, so I sat by him and asked him why he was so sad. He said Anil wouldn't let him play with him. I told him he should tell a teacher if someone is mean to him. He said he didn't want to. I told him I could tell a teacher for him. He said 'no' he would do it. So we went together to tell Mrs James.
From pride and joy

Just when you think your little ones don't hear anything you are telling them about manners and kindness, they surprise you. For him to seek out a child who isn't even in his class, but looks like he needs a friend, and to sit and talk with him....aaahhh it just warms my heart.

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