Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So maybe it makes us bad parents, but Bribery works in this house and we are not afraid to use it! We started a star chart to encourage the kids to eat all their food at meal times. When the chart was full they were going to get a "special treat". Calvin filled his chart first and Ryan had the perfect treat in mind: Chocolate Malts!
From Bribery

He even let Calvin help clean up!
From Bribery

It took Alayna another week to earn her "special treat".
From Bribery

She LOVED it, every last drop!
From Bribery

Bribery, its a beautiful thing!

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Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, Colin, and Sam said...

Okay, so just on the off-chance that my husband should see this post, this is NOT bribery!! This is called a reward, otherwise known as positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement, guys!! (It's all in how you sell it to the hubby in my house!)