Monday, March 2, 2009

The End of an Era???

Today is day one of NO NAP for Calvin. And yes, my 5 yr old was still napping everyday.

So here's the scoop: For about a month now Calvin has been waking up from his afternoon nap VERY crabby, and I have been thinking that it was probably a sign that the nap was on its way out. Then last week we were off of school all week and I was putting him down for his nap about 1 hour earlier than we do on school days. All week he was napping longer and waking up perfectly happy, then yesterday we went back to school and back to the Crabby afternoon Calvin. So today I am attempting a new plan:

Skip the nap and get to bed around 6pm.

Yes I know that is crazy early, but he was going to bed at 7pm with over an hour nap and we HAVE to be up at 6am sharp in order to get to school on time. Basically the only way to get him that extra hour of sleep he needs is to move his bedtime up. And that logistical nightmare is the reason why I haven't attempted this plan earlier. I have actually been avoiding it like the plague to be perfectly honest. We are also planning on letting him nap on weekends or any time we have an event in the evening that will prevent the early bedtime.

So will this be the End of an Era or a plan gone 'tragically wrong'? Stay tuned to find out!


Anonymous said... did it go??? He'll be fine. Jake adjusted perfectly, we didn't even have to switch his bedtime afer a couple days, and his mood was fine. they get to an age where their body just outgrows he need for that extra hr of sleep! Be thankful he didn't outgrow it till the ripe age of 5!!Good Luck!

AR said...

He's fine. Probably sleeping too much if anything. I'd be crabby too if I had to go to bed at 6pm :)