Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 - 4!

After our time at the cottage it was back to Milwaukee to Gramma and Grandpa's house. One morning they had a playdate planned with their neighbors who also had their grandkids over. We set up the little pool for the kids to play in, but they quickly discovered the water squirters and began having a water fight. The kids were all having fun with it, but before you knew it they were shooting water at the adults! That's when things got really fun, and Grandpa got right in the act.
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Grandpa kept calling all the kids "ya little 2-footers" and then squirting them.
Alayna thought Grandpa was saying 2 - 4 and called the game that for the rest of our time there.
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She just loved teasing the boys "You can't get me!" and then running off.
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Here is a little video of the 2 - 4 game!

They had a blast with this! Thanks Grandpa for being such a good sport.

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