Sunday, September 20, 2009

A lovely day

Grandma and Grandpa had all kinds of fun things planned for the kids and this trip to the park was just one of them. We even brought the kids bikes with us so they could ride on all the paths.
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Or maybe off the paths?? Either way, my kids favorite thing to do was swing. Big Surprise!
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I think Grandpa pushed Alayna until his arms about fell off.
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Thankfully they did take a break for a little snack and something to drink.
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It was such a lovely day to be at the park.

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CrazyDutchGirl said...

Love all the pics! It's great to hear about your summer. But I am "back for more"!!! What I want is the Disney shots!!!!!!!! Come on lady, get a move on! (wink, wink)