Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Good Week

Hello Everyone! We had another good week full of all kinds of fun. Calvin was invited to a birthday party on Tuesday night at McDonalds. Now this is not what you would normally think of as a "McDonalds Birthday Party". They have a special party room with a sounds system and an employee to lead the kids in activities and games as well as another employ to video the entire thing! Calvin had a blast. There were about 30 kids there, kinda crazy!

Then on Friday our friends Stewart and Anita's daughter Sydney had her birthday party. It was co-hosted with another little girl and this one was on the beach in a party tent. Now when I say tent, I need you to think, elaborate wedding tent, not backyard tent. This thing had clear plastic sides, a red fabric ceiling and chandeliers! They had about 800 balloons in the room! (I am not making that number up, Anita told me how many there were!) The theme was a Luau so there were lays and inflatable palm trees as well. Then we of course had a DJ and a "hostess" to lead the party games. WOW! The kids had an absolute blast and when we got home they both took HUGE naps!

Saturday we went to the pool again. This time we were smart and packed the kids some lunch, so we got to stay a lot longer. The kids could have stayed all day! They really love it there. And Calvin is getting very brave; going under the water all the way and jumping in off the side. For dinner on Saturday we went to Applebees! Isn't that crazy! It is like 5 minutes from our house! It is amazing how "normal" things feel here. We are really enjoying our time so far.

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