Saturday, November 1, 2008

Swimming in November!

Radisson Pool

Saturday is the only day for us that both the kids are off school and Ryan is off work, so it has pretty much been deemed Family Fun Day! Today we went to the Pool at the Radisson SAS Hotel. With our Embassy badge we get a free membership to their Viking Club, which includes a gym, outdoor pool, and indoor pool. The outdoor pool was amazing! There is a little kiddie pool as well! The kiddie pool was heated and felt like warm bath water and the big pool was just the right temperature to feel a bit refreshing with out being cold. When you get to the pool there is an employee to walk you to your chair and get you settled and put the umbrella up for you and you can also order food or something to drink (non-alcholic unfortunately). And the best part is that this is less than 10 minutes from our house!!! I think we will be spending many Saturdays in the next 23 months at that pool! As always click on the picture above to see more!

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