Monday, November 2, 2009

Disney Part 7 - The Princesses

Finally it was time for Alayna's favorite part of the trip.......breakfast with the princesses! She got all dressed up in her new Cinderella gown complete with glass slippers.
From 2009-08-06

When we got there, Belle greeted us first for a photo op.
From 2009-08-06

Both kids were in awe because these were the first characters we were meeting that could talk to them! We sat down for our breakfast and then the Princesses came by our table one at a time.
First was Aurora (Sleeping Beauty for those of you without little girls)
From 2009-08-06
Then Cinderella,
From 2009-08-06
This may be my favorite picture from the trip. Alayna was just in love with Cinderella and Cinderella called Alayna "my little twin" and reminded her to be home before midnight. It was too precious.

Then we met Snow White,
From 2009-08-06
and finally Ariel, who was Calvin's Favorite.
From 2009-08-06
They both really enjoyed this breakfast so much. They were so happy!
From 2009-08-06

After breakfast we headed back over to Hollywood Studios to catch the things we missed the first time. Most importantly we wanted to see the live Beauty and the Beast show. I am so glad we went back to see it. Alayna LOVED it!
From 2009-08-06
As you can tell it was SOOOOOO hot and humid, but Alayna was so happy and just couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was totally worth it!


Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, Colin, and Sam said...

SOOOOO sweet!! I love the princess pics. And, that's the exact same Aurora we had. Didn't you love the food at Akershus??

Brooke said...

Oh WOW! The picture with Cinderella!!! I want that in print! It's absolutely adoreable!! Oh to have been there, I can just imagine her.

Debbie said...

YOUR Cinderella is just BEAUTIFUL!! And my Nathan love Arial best too :)