Monday, November 9, 2009

No More Thumbs!

Once we got back to Kuwait and over the jet-lag we had decided it was time to break the kids habit of thumb sucking. They both have been thumb suckers since they were babies, and it was starting to really affect their teeth. We talked about it for a couple weeks with them so they new it was coming and offered them a reward if they could go 14 days with no thumb sucking. Then on a mid-September day we sent them to bed with a sock over their offending hand. It was amazing! Neither of them pulled the sock off! Ryan and I were ready for the first few nights to be wakeful and full of tears, but they didn't make a peep all night! It was amazing how easy it was.

After the 14 days they got their rewards!
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Alayna wanted Barbie Mariposa,
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and Calvin wanted Mario Party for the Wii.
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They were both so happy and so proud. And so were Mommy and Daddy!

Update: It is now November 9th and both of them have completely stopped sucking their thumbs and no longer wear the sock on the their hand for bedtime. It was such an uneventful transition, and we couldn't be prouder of them both!

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